Monday, June 7, 2010

So Lame

I have been completely lame. I have not been practicing any Japanese. I have not done any new Kanji or reviews nor have I done any hiragana or katakana review. I have no excuse really, but I doubt I am going to make my goal of having Heisig finished by August. I have been listening and watching tons of Japanese Dramas and PVs on youtube. Yesterday the hubby was watching Ponyo in Japanese with English subs on because he loves me and I was blogging on my other blog and I kind of knew what was going on just by listening here and there. I am not sure if all Japanese dramas use the same phrases over and over again on purpose or if the language is just like that. I love it though, Yay Panda! I am just sitting down to do some Kanji now though. Something is better than nothing right.